Why FiduciaSoft is carrying about English level of employees

Communication with the customer is important at all levels. Especially if the client and outsourcing company are located in different countries. FiduciaSoft cares about the English level of their employees, because most of our clients are the customers from USA and Europe.


Why the improving of English level is essential?

  • English is almost the most popular language and is the main language in many numbers of states. Around 2 billion people are using English for communicating.
  • It is the main business language, so, to enter global workforce it is important to have good skills.

As for IT business, all programming languages require technical English, as project manager need to read technical tasks and documentation and understand it correct. If there is a project manager in the team, he receives tasks from the customer and explains all of them to programmers, designers and other members of the team.

To create good projects, employees and customers must have perfect cooperation and organization. While the project is in progress, there are several key-moments that every IT team must pay attention:

  • Technical documentation is written in English. Sometimes сustomer needs help with creating tasks and project in general.
  • Coding and projects descriptions are written in English as well.
  • While the team is working on tasks – some questions require talking or texting with the client.
  • If there are some small issues – employees search information for fixing the problem or finding a solution.


English for building relationships

To create a strong and productive relationship with customer – FiduciaSoft is improving the language of all our employees both remote and in office workers. We believe that if you have trust and good understanding between team members, the long-term relationship, and the negotiation will be much more successful.

In the beginning of your meeting, there is a possibility that your customer is a communicative person and sometimes a small talk before getting down to business is a big advantage. Keeping conversations going is an important skill in business. We are listening positions and interest of every customer and we are providing brainstorming that helps us to create a qualitative product.

In all levels, English is an essential skill in outsourcing, because as much professional are employees as many successful projects Fiduciasoft can provide.

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