ERP Solutions, Mobile

Client: JDB(Scanco)

Project: xScan

Link: http://www.jdbsg.com

Tech.:.NET, Xamarin,CouchDB, MySQL, Rest, SQLServer, Bootstrap, ASP.NET

One of the most complicated parts of any ERP system is Manufacturing module. Unlike Distribution or Accounting, Manufacturing touches almost every other part of the ERP System and its implications are far-reaching. In partnership with our team of developers, JDB was able to develop their first native iOs and Android solution to support Manufacturing processes & modules of the Sage MAS100 ERP. With this solution, customers were able to record production, keep track of raw material and issue it to the manufacturing, post labor hours for individuals and teams, and many more critical manufacturing tasks.

Short Description

The Challenge

JDB Solutions Group specializes in manufacturing automation, including barcode scanning technology and equipment, process design, and consulting – specifically surrounding Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90 and MAS 200) and JobOps. More information at www.jdbsg.com


JDB was under a tight deadline to produce a new, fully featured iOS and Andriod product in time for the major trade show. With just under 8 month this was a tall order to complete on time.


Now we are on the delivery first product for this customer and customer already sold a few products while we were in Beta version. This customer work last 10 years with different dev teams and from his word our team is the dream team for him.