E-Commerce, ERP Solutions

Client: Hypermicro

Project: E-commerce solution with ERP integration

Link: https://www.hypermicro.com

Tech:.NET,ASP.NET,  MS SQL Server,Magento, Rest, Bootstrap,

For online retailers like HyperMicro it is critical to be able to support full range of Magento plugins for 3rd party marketplaces. This is why the cornerstone of this project was integration with eBay, Amazon, BestBuy, and others. But this project was much more than that. Featuring real time link to UPS, USPS, and FedEx, it incorporated support for product life cycle, payments, RMA’s, Tracking Numbers, and many other functions. To date, this is one of the most comprehensive Inventory, Order, and Return management sites that we’ve ever developed.

Short Description

The Challenge

This company works with well know in US vendors and retailers and resell their inventory via internet channels.


Hypermicro needed a solution that would not only fully support product lyfecycle, but also integrate into third party marketplaces, ensuring that inventory levels are automatically tracked across all of the different web platforms and stores.

Project delivery

FiduciaSoft's own Project manager in a daily meetings with Client's product owner was able to steer the project in an agile way. Product was delivered in stages, first activating web store, then turning on each marketplace one by one, and finally adding support for RMA's. All of this time keeping ERP Integration on a parallel track.