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Business consultant

Deep knowledge of accounting, inventory logistics, manufacturing, and e-commerce gives our team a good visibility into a customer’s needs and allows us to engineer and configure a proper solution for each individual situation.

Implementation Project manager

Implementation Coordinators manage teams and processes through ERP configuration, standard and custom module integration, customizations design-development-deployment cycle.

Application developer

Certified developers create platforms, products or custom solutions that solve real-world problems and needs within Acumatica ecosystem. Experience with C#/.NET/Xamarin/Visual Studio, SQL Server, MySQL, ASP.NET, PHP, JavaScript.


Custom Software development



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Acumatica Modules


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Project: Scanco Acumatica

Link: http://www.scanco.com

Tech:.NET, Xamarin, SQLite, MySQL, Rest, SOAP, Bootstrap, ASP.Net, Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform, ZPL

Project delivery

In close relationship with Scanco, our development team created a full-featured mobile platform that supports all logistical and manufacturing operations within Acumatica’s warehouse. Purchase Order Receiving, Sales Order Shipping, Inventory Transfers and Bin Moves, Pick and Pack, Physical Count, Aliasing, Material Issues and Returns, Production Entry and others.


Our cloud based engine allows our partners to have a fast and easy deployment of the product. It now takes minutes and hours instead of days and weeks to deploy the solution. Our client-facing portal gives the end user a flexible yet powerful tool to control everything there is on a mobile Android and iOS based clients. Our cloud printing engine provides fully integrated, no-hustle barcode printing solution.



Project: macConnector

Link: http://www.blucurrent.io

Tech: C#,.NET, Acumatica Framework, Web Services, PHP, Magento.

Project delivery

Our development team created integrated eCommerce-ERP solution that automates how online sales orders are taken, processed and fulfilled.
Solution fills in eCommerce site with products, inventory and other data needed for online shop to function. On the flip side it brings in sales orders to Acumatica ERP and enables processing and fulfillment in Acumatica leading to automatic updates in eCommerce system.


Our solution allows clients to add eCommerce site to their sales channels while bringing full visibility and sales orders processing in Acumatica ERP they already use. Clients can leverage their existing processes, tools and personal without learning curve because the solution is based and follows Acumatica workflow for sales orders fulfillment.