2017 is off to a fast start

Anecdotal Evidence

The holiday season is over for most of the world now, and so far we see that 2017 does not show any signs of slowdown. As a matter of fact, from our own little corner of the Universe we see more interest, engagement, and conversation about IT services, new projects, new plans than what we saw in the last quarter of 2016 or in the same time last year. From delivery timelines to new inquiries – activity is up across the board. Now, it is obvious that this is not yet an indicator of a larger world trends, but it is something. Amidst loud voices predicting recession and instability this year it is a good sign to see that at least so far the trend is quite the opposite.

Analysts and Markets

2016 has been a complex year for market analysts. First there was Brexit which has introduced the level of uncertainty to one of the largest economic blocs of the world. Then there was an election of Donald J Trump to the highest political office in the US. Both of these things do give many analysts a pause. Yet so far the prevailing opinion for 2017 is that given the amount of liquidity on the markets the overall business activity will not slow down in the immediate future. Predictions of reduced corporate tax burden under all-Republican Washington, and expectations of a federal stimulus lead to improvements in consumer confidence level. Overall expectations are that healthcare sector will probably be down, while IT and Energy sectors will be up.

2017 already started with a few big acquisition announcements in IT and telecom sectors. Microsoft announced acquisition of Maluuba, a canadian AI company and Sprint is getting stake in Tidal. HP is involved in two acquisitions simultaneously, getting Cloud Cruiser, a consumption analytics startup and SimpliVity, an infrastructure company. Google ios also on the war path, acquiring Fabric, Twitter’s mobile App developer platform.


Outsourcing Trends

Outsourcing companies will see plenty of business activity in 2017 as competition increases even further. Analysts predict that the main trends coming to foreground this year will be as follows:

  • high level of data security  
  • demand for automation wherever possible
  • Pressure to increase efficiency.

Other trends from prior years that will continue strong in 2017:

  • move towards cloud computing
  • data collection and analysis
  • emphasis on design & user experience

In conclusion

2017 has started without any slowdowns and it looks like it may indeed be an exciting year. From what we see in our own business to markets and popular opinion- it sector will continue to grow and strive. IT industry continues to be the exciting place for work and for business and this trajectory will stay the same in and beyond 2017.

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